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You make me.  If I don’t have youYou send me. I drove all night. You are my special angel.

As their first collaborative foray into the audio world, artists Alexandra Phillips and Jan Henderikse present You & I a 10” black vinyl record featuring over 60 famous musicians. Having spent many an evening listening to songs and testing to see if Gordon’s really does get them drunk, Phillips and Henderikse have created the ultimate conceptually romantic record.

Six minutes of pure You.  Six minutes of pure I.  At last the two are in balance.  You & I plays like a dream.

Finally Slim Whitman sings with Michael Jackson.  Minnie Rogers jives with Bob Dylan.  Britney Spears and Marilyn Monroe join Eric Burton.  The sampled tracks are hand picked by Henderikse and Phillips and are known and loved by both. The samples were mixed and complied by Phillips using iron logic and a warm sense of humor.  The record is a melodic contemplation on the meaning of You and on the meaning of I.  It is filled with ups and downs, with recognizable voices and those a bit harder to define.


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